Unique Furniture for Your Home

Add a dash of creativity and originality to your home with handmade furniture from Terry’s Stuff in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Using your ideas, drawings, and designs, Terry creates unique, custom furniture that fits your style, your space, and your life.

Customize Your Space

Instead of spending weeks, months, or even years searching for the perfect piece, have it custom built by an expert woodworker. Terry’s furniture is the same quality as high-end pieces from luxury furniture stores without the exorbitant prices. Since you are dealing directly with the person making the product, you have an unprecedented level of engagement and customization, giving you the creative freedom you need to design wood furniture that truly fit your needs.

Lasting Keepsakes

While store-bought furniture is easily replaceable, all of Terry’s pieces are completely one of a kind. He focuses on building long-lasting pieces that will be around for generations to come, so you can pass your uniquely designed piece to your children and grandchildren. Likewise, Terry excels at refinishing and repairing already existing pieces, ensuring your favorite furniture stays strong and beautiful.

Be Inspired

Take a moment to look around your home. Look at the coffee table you have wanted to replace or the empty spot you have wanted to fill, and imagine the perfect piece of furniture for that space. Once you have a design in mind that fits your needs, personal tastes, and space requirements, give Terry a call to get your custom order started.