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A Touch of Wooden Elegance for Your Home
Repair or Refinish Furniture Colorado Springs
Making a broken piece of antique furniture whole again takes more than just glue. Terry carefully repairs and refits pieces to ensure your cherished keepsake is secure and stable, restoring it to like-new condition.
Custom Furniture Colorado Springs
Your home is an extension of your personal tastes and needs, so make sure it fits your personality. Terry makes eye-catching furniture based on your design ideas, helping you create the perfect piece for the perfect spot.
Fill your home with beautiful wood furniture made or repaired at Terry’s Stuff in Colorado Springs, Colorado. As a wood worker since 1979, Terry has the knowledge, experience, and patience needed to work with wood, moving methodically through the process to ensure every piece is properly fitted. Always offering a fair price for his pieces, Terry loves working on your project just as much as you enjoy having it in your home. He is happy to create pieces that your grandchildren will love to have in their own homes years later.
Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information at the top of this page (email/phone) OR submit the contact form below. Terry looks forward to hearing from you soon!
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