Refinishing Your Antique Furniture

Breathe new life into your wood furniture with the furniture repair and furniture restoration services from Terry’s Stuff. Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Terry’s shop specializes in refinishing and updating furniture, both new and old, giving any piece a new look that suits your tastes and home decor. If you want even more customization options, commission Terry to build new, custom furniture for your home or office.

Comprehensive Refinishing

As antique furniture ages, it often starts looking worn and old. Preserve or update your favorite keepsake through Terry’s refinishing process. As soon as you drop your piece off at his shop, he carefully repairs any damage and then hand strips and sands the wood to create a new, smooth surface. He then stains the furniture to whatever shade you desire and covers it in a top-grade lacquer, creating a great, long-lasting finish.

Careful Repairs

When a beloved piece of furniture breaks, you need a skilled woodworker who can restore the piece without damaging its value. Terry carefully removes old glue, rematches separate joints, and replaces broken or cracked dowels entirely by hand. Through this time-consuming process, he creates a lasting repair that preserves the look and feel of the piece and leaves no damage.